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International Order

Things to be considered before placing your international orders :

Acupuncture needles, TDP lamps, other clinical suppliers and herbal supplements are regulated as Medical devices and dietary supplements by Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) in USA. If you are buying those products from other countries, before placing your orders ,please check if there is any specific regulation needed to meet in order for you to import those products. For example, some countries may require buyers to have import licenses to bring those products into their countries. For country regulations about shipments, UPS provides a very good information for that . Here is the web site for your reference: http://www.ups.com/ga/CountryRegs?loc=en_US

Just choose your country as a destination country, it will show the information of regulations.

There is another good web site showing your governments' agencies relevant to FDA. Here is the web site: http://www.fda.gov/oia/agencies.htm .

Those Products may be regulated by those agencies in your countries. If you are trying to import those products into your countries to resell to the public, you may need to find out if there is any specific regulation to meet in order to import and resell those products in your countries.

As a buyer , you also need to know if there is any import taxes and duties as well as other customs fee you need to pay for your shipment. We are not responsible for any kind of fee associated with your importing.

A good way to find out those relevant information about your importing, just call your local customs officials, UPS, Post office, or any private customs broker, they should have those information available for you.

Payment Methods: You can choose one of the following method to do your payment.

Wire Transfer: You can place orders online if you choose pay by wire transfer . There is a $30 surcharge applied to a wire transfer payment. Please add this surcharge to the total amount of your order. We will contact you by e-mail for our banking information, so you can do wire transfer accordingly. Orders paid by wire transfer will be sent out to your location after receipt of payment.

Paypal (www.paypal.com) : We only accept the payment from paypal verified account. Here is our paypal account that you can send your payment to : paypal@vital-core.com. For first time customers, we only accept orders less than $200 with paypal payment. The amount can be increased up to $800 later on. You can place orders online if you choose paypal as your payment method.

International Money Orders in USA dollars. You can place orders online if you choose pay by money order. Please mail your money order with a copy of your order confirmation to the following address : Vital Core Biosystem, Inc. 970 W. El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087 USA. Orders paid by money order will be sent out to your location after receipt of payment.

Credit Card payment : We do not accept credit card payment for first time international customers. If you are a repeat customer , you can pay by your credit card. If you are first time paying with a credit card , for your protection, we may require further verification process. We may request a copy of your most recent credit card statement showing your billing address, a front and back copy of your credit card and your photo identification. You can send the files of these scanned doucuments to the email at sales@vital-core.com or send by fax to the number of 408-992-0448. This is a one time inconvenience. Once your account is verified, you do not need to provide this information for your future orders if you are using the same credit card.

You can place your order online and pay by your credit card if you are a repeat customer. Some NON-USA credit cards may encounter ?error messages?from our online payment gateway, which may indicate that your credit card companies may not offer services for credit card verifications. In this kind of case, the transaction won't go through over the online order. You can contact us if this is happened. We can take your order and credit card payment manually by e-mail or over the phone

Shipping Methods:

        UPS Worldwide Express: 1-3 days delivery time *
        USPS Express Mail International: 3-5 days delivery time *
        USPS Priority Mail International: 6-10 days delivery time *
        Other air freight or ocean freight service : For a big shipment , if you would like to send out by other freight service, please contact us for the details and for your orders.

    * This is a standard delivery time. Certain commodities and high-value shipments may require additional transit time for customs clearance. Service to some remote areas may require additional delivery days.

Shipping Cost:

You can see the shipping charge during the check out process for UPS and USPS shipments, If you chose to use other freight service , you have to contact us for your orders.

Country regulations, Custom Duties , Taxation and Related customs issues:

By placing an order with us to delivered to an address of outside of the United States, you are considered as the importer of your shipment. You must comply with all laws and regulations of your country. You are agreeing to pay for any taxes, duties and other customs fee that may incurred at the end destination. If you refuse to do so and result in your package being sent back to us, those charges may be directed back to us. This can be considered as fraud.

If for any reason, your shipment causes some concerns with your local customs officials and is held up for inspection, especially for herbs and herbal supplement products, for this kind of event, this help up shipment is the sole responsibility of you as an importer and only can be resolved by you and your local postal authorities.

If your country's inspection quarantines, disposes or discards any material not allowed to imported into your country, this will be the sole responsibility of you as a buyer. We will not issue a replacement nor refund for such occurrences. It is your responsibility as a buyer to know what is allowed into your country and what is not.


    We do not accept returns of products from our international customers unless under these two circumstances.
    1. It is a result of our clerical error. We will credit your shipping and resolve the problem immediately.
    2. If you order accidentally has good cause to return the merchandise, we can do so, but we are not able to refund for the shipping charges that incurred in processing your package.


If you would like to cancel your order, the cancellations must be done within the same business day that the order was placed. Once your order has been processed, there will not be a cancellation service available. To cancel your order by e-mail, please send you cancellation to info@vital-core.com or fax your cancellation to 408-992-0448